S17 RDM Workshop: Data Preservation: The Legacy of your Research Data

Powerpoint Presentation used during Workshop – June 14, 2017

This workshop was a continuation of the 1st RDM workshop where we concentrated on creating new datasets with variable names that matched Best Practices for reading your data in a Statistical analysis package.  This workshop looks at how do you handle data that has been passed on to you from another individual, and all the challenges that accompany “inheriting” or acquiring data.

There were 2 exercises in this workshop.  The first exercise, you were provided a small dataset and a number of variables and titles for each.  You were asked to determine what types of questions you would need answered before you were able to work with this dataset effectively.  Below are links to the 4 datasets along with a sample of questions that you may need to ask.





The second exercise that was conducted in this workshop, was one where you were provided with one of two directories that held a number of files.  You were asked to review the directory structure and the file naming conventions, and provide a new one that was consistent with the recommended Best Practices presented in the workshop.  Below are links to proposed answer keys to both directories.



To reiterate that the primary goal of these workshops, is that you take all the recommended Best Practices presented and implement them with your own data

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