Crimes of Statistics: The Experimental Unit

One of the building blocks of any experimental design and subsequent statistical analysis is the “Experimental Unit”.  What is it? Are you sure that you know what your experimental unit is in your own research project?

Join us on September 5th, to discuss the experimental unit and see how it relates to your experimental design and subsequent analysis.  To prepare for this session, please take a few minutes and read a paper written by Dwight S. Fisher, “Defining the experimental unit in grazing trials.” (Journal of Animal Science  2000 77: E-Suppl: 1-5  doi:10.2527/jas2000.00218812007700ES0006x).   During this 50 minute session, we will review the definition of an experimental unit, discuss the paper above, and determine how this relates to your own research.

Date:  Tuesday, September 5
Time:  10am – 10:50am
Location:  OAC Boardroom (Rm 104 Johnston Hall)

Presentation Notes – Experimental Unit

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