Crimes of Statistics: Replication or Sub-samples?

Now that we are all comfortable and confident about what the Experimental Unit is in our research – we now need to think about replication.  Are we currently taking proper replicates?  Or are we taking sub-samples or pseudoreplicates?

Join us on October 3rd, to discuss replicates, sub-sampling, and more.  To prepare for this session, please take a few minutes and review the following papers:

  • Lee, C. and Rawlings, J.O. 1982. Design of experiments in growth chambers – Uniformity trials in the North Carolina State University Phytotron.  Crop Science: 22: 551-558 doi:10.2135/cropsci1982.0011183X002200030028x
  • Hurlbert, S.H. 1984. Pseudoreplication and the design of ecological field experiments. Ecological Monographs: 54(2): 187-211  doi: 10.2307/1942661

During this 50 minute session, we will review the definition of an experimental unit, subsampling unit, and discuss the papers above.

Date:  Tuesday, October 3
Time:  10am – 10:50am
Location:  OAC Boardroom (Rm 104 Johnston Hall)

Presentation Notes – Sampling Unit vs Experimental Unit

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