S18 R workshop

To complete the contents of this 2-day R workshop offered on May 22-23, 2018 we will work through the following sessions:

  1. R: Introduction to R and Definitions
  2. R: Introduction to RStudio and R packages
  3. R: Getting the data in, merging files, and creating new variables
  4. R: Cleaning and tidying data
  5. R: Getting comfortable with your data – Descriptive statistics, Normality, and Plotting
  6. R: ANOVA with an RCBD
  7. R: Correlation, Regression, and accompanying plots

To prepare for this workshop, please ensure that you have R and RStudio installed.  You can also prepare by installing the following packages before attending:

  • car
  • dplyr
  • ggplot2
  • lme4
  • readxl
  • stringr
  • tidyr
  • tidyverse

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