R-users: DRC package

Graham Ansell, an MSc ENVS student from the School of Environmental Studies, demonstrates the drc package in R.  He will introduce the package using an example pesticide mortality data (with limits of min 0 max 1).  A quick overview of the session will include:

  • Function section is for example of all possible models
  • “names” gives the variables in the model the proper names for most of them. Good resource, otherwise it’s just letters.
  • DRC is very good at comparing a range of models and is easy to use.  The drawback is that you cannot use a model more complex than “response ~ explanatory”,
    so no covariates or random variables allowed. If you need to incorporate other variables, look elsewhere.

To follow this session please install and load the DRC package.  The R script file used in the session is available here, complete with annotations.  You will also need the Excel data file used for the example.

Additional resources include the more drc examples and the drc help documentation.  These are also available through CRAN.


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